Dear Craig:

It is with considerable pleasure that my family and I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the outstanding assistance and unswerving compassion that you provided during the recent journey with our father who traveled down life’s path with Alzheimer’s. Our circumstances were particularly trying, since managing all of the issues that needed to be addressed had to be accomplished by way of both California and Pennsylvania, as our parents and you resided in Florida.

My brother and I realized early on in our father’s decline that we needed to maximize our efforts to assist our mother and have in place a liaison to help coordinate services at the local level, as well as be available physically. Our mother, the ever courageous caregiver, watched helplessly as her soul mate of 55 years regressed in a continuing downward spiral until it was impossible for her to continue to care for him at home. The subsequent placement in a nursing home addressed the most immediate concerns, yet generated entirely new issues that had to be dealt with.

This journey was definitely a learning process involving more than just our family and requiring the participation and cooperation of many individuals. Your involvement with us throughout the various challenges that we faced, which extended even beyond our father’s ultimate passing, was most exemplary and supportive. You offered genuine empathy and understanding to better help us come to terms with our loss. You were patient, available when necessary, and knew when to step to the plate and when to stand by the sidelines. Your caring attitude clearly came from the heart. My brother and I were glad to finally be able to meet you in person on one of our visits to Florida, especially after so very many months of managing the situation via the telephone.

In conclusion, we are truly thankful for all of your support and are convinced that someone like yourself, who has the caring attitude, knowledge, and resources to help manage elder-care issues, is invaluable and necessary for families struggling with these emotionally-charged responsibilities.

Our best wishes to you for your continuing success in rising to the enormous challenges set before you.

Most sincerely,

Sigrid and Michael,

I just wanted to let you both know what a gem you have with Marilyn Temple.

I have been working with her since August on my mother’s case, K. Zimmerman.

She and Raquel have gone the extra, extra, extra mile for me. We have had many problems with my money that was under mine and my mother’s name and she has helped me retain what is mine. Without Marilyn’s help I would have lost over $80,000.00. We thought everything was completed in December and DCF came back and she had to fight again for me and as of today she is still clearing this matter up.

You have a great staff in your office and I wanted to let both of you know that.

Thank you,

E. Roth,

I would like to commend, one of your employees, Marilyn Temple. Ms. Temple, has been such a wonderful humanitarian, in assisting us, with my late mother-in-law, Raphaelita.

Raphaelita, started to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, about seventeen years ago. It started to progress, seriously, about eight or nine years ago.

We had gotten a recommendation, from Mrs. Merems. Mrs. Merems is my daughter’s, mother-in-law. She had recently suffered the loss of her husband, Sam, to the same disease. Marilyn, also helped Mrs. Merems.

Both Marilyn and Mr. Curtis, assisted us, in every way possible, in making the arrangements, for a person who becomes incapable of handling their own affairs. She followed us, for a number of years, while my mother-in-laws, disease progressed.

I just wanted to thank your entire office for all your help and caring during this horrific time in my life. I know my father would be grateful and appreciative!…J Roseman

Thank you and you have helped me in so many ways. I appreciate everything you have done to make my life a little easier to live….L Silber

May “God” bless you and in all you do for the elderly!!…

B. Nappi,