I would like to commend, one of your employees, Marilyn Temple. Ms. Temple, has been such a wonderful humanitarian, in assisting us, with my late mother-in-law, Raphaelita.

Raphaelita, started to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, about seventeen years ago. It started to progress, seriously, about eight or nine years ago.

We had gotten a recommendation, from Mrs. Merems. Mrs. Merems is my daughter’s, mother-in-law. She had recently suffered the loss of her husband, Sam, to the same disease. Marilyn, also helped Mrs. Merems.

Both Marilyn and Mr. Curtis, assisted us, in every way possible, in making the arrangements, for a person who becomes incapable of handling their own affairs. She followed us, for a number of years, while my mother-in-laws, disease progressed.